Men’s Hair Restoration


Our male clients overwhelmingly tell us hair thinning & loss is what they want to change most about their hair. So, let’s do it.

Total Transformation: Hairskeen

Hairskeen is the most natural-looking and feeling hair system on the market today. It is made of real human hair that’s matched to your natural hair.

What’s The Process?
The top of the head is shaved and prepared. A powerful adhesive holds the hairpiece in place. Once attached, it blends seamlessly with your hair on the side of your head and it does.not.move.

How Long Does It Last?
Application lasts 2-4 weeks (depending on frequency of hair washing). The system lasts about six months when properly cared for. (Your stylist will tell you what to do and what products to use.)

How Much Does It Cost?
$800-$1000 one-time charge per hair system. Each application is roughly twice the cost of a haircut and takes about an hour.

How Does it Feel?
Honestly, a little weird in the beginning, but you get used to it quickly.

How Does it Look?
Like your own hair from back in the day.

What If I’m Not Thrilled About Getting This Done in a Salon Full of People?
No worries—we have a private area we can reserve for your Hairskeen application.

Get Started.
Call 813.854.4455 to book your Hairskeen service.

Keep and Thicken the Hair You Have: Invati AdvancedTM

If you want your hair thicker and fuller, to maximize regrowth and prevent further loss and breakage, we recommend you use Aveda’s Invati AdvancedTM system.

It’s shampoo, conditioner and a scalp spray that set your scalp up for optimal hair growth and strength. You’ll see results if you use it regularly and consistently.

Images & videos used on this page are a courtesy of HairskeenUSA.